STEP 1 –
Give your post a title and update the Permalink beneath the title box.

STEP 2 –
Move to right side of screen (beneath blue “Publish” button) and choose a Format for your post. [Ex. Standard, Gallery, Link, Image.]

STEP 3 –
Beneath Format, choose one or more Categories. [Ex. TBRPC News (news portion of site), What’s New (homepage), Resilience News (resilience hub portion of site).]

STEP 4 –
Beneath Categories section, add any post Tags (optional). Tags create searchable links to other posts that contain the same tag. Examples of tags – “climate change” & “sea level rise”

STEP 5 –
Upload Featured Image(s). When you upload an image (or anything for that matter) to the Media Library, please place it in the appropriate folder. Don’t forget to add at least one “Featured Image” to your post.  If you add more than one Featured Image (which is preferred), the images will appear in a Gallery at the top of the page.

STEP 6 –
Insert text description and any post content. This is where you can personalize anything you’d like.
The blue button “Edit with Fusion Builder” above this text box will allow you to edit the Post with WordPress elements, similar to a Page. There you can add interactive elements, videos, buttons, etc.

STEP 7 – Remove all this text that I’ve written and Publish your new post.

Post Tips & Tricks:

  1. DO NOT use phrases like “Click here for meeting agenda.” This will flag an accessibility report. Instead, use linked text – Ex. Meeting Agenda.

I will continue to update this list with any new things we learn as we try this out. Please reach out to me (Sarah) with any questions.