Chair, Vice Mayor Patrick Roff,
City of Bradenton

  • TBRPC hosts successful Transportation Summit, Innovations in Regional Transportation. The summit presenters included transportation experts from the Tampa Bay region, the state of Florida, the Federal Transportation Administration, and the San Diego Council of Governments. Over 250 attendees participated in the February summit.
  • TBRPC hosts the 25th Annual Future of the Region Awards at the Hilton Carillon Park hotel on April 28, 2017.
  • TBRPC completed the five-year update of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.
  • TBRPC began work on Phase ll of the Coast to Coast Trail.
  • TBRPC hosted several “Peril of Flood” (SB 1094) Local Government Technical Assistance Workshops to assist local governments with the 2015 Peril of Flood Act requirements.