Chair, Mr. Andres “Andy” Nunez,
Pinellas County,
Gubernatorial Appointee

  • TBRPC produces Valuation Study of Tampa Bay. The study shows that the Bay’s watershed is a significant economic driver for industries within our region, both directly and indirectly.
  • 22nd Annual Future of the Region Awards recognized 25 projects and programs throughout the region.
  • TBRPC Principal Planner, Betti Johnson wins the prestigious 2014 Governor’s Award for her statewide contributions in the field of Emergency Management.
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) awarded the TBRPC $100.000.00 through the Coastal Resiliency Networks (Crest) grant program to leverage the existing ONE BAY: Livable Communities Working Group for the purpose of improving the Tampa Bay area’s regional capacity to withstand adverse impacts associated with sea level rise, storm surge and extreme weather.
  • TBRPC helps make Tampa Bay “Solar Ready.” Solar Ready Florida is a collaborative effort to improve and expand the solar market in the Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida regions.
  • TBRPC hosts The New Normal: Fiscal and Demographic Trends Shaping Florida and Tampa Bay. The forum presented and discussed the demographic trends shaping our region’s economic future.
  • TBRPC participated in the Florida Region Council’s Association Strategic Planning Session which serves as a future guide for Florida’s 10 regional planning councils.