TBRPC Committees

Agency on Bay Management (ABM)

The Committee serves as a coordinating and overview agency within the Council to improve the comprehensive management of Tampa Bay leading to the refinement and implementation of the bay management plan. (Meets 2nd Thursday bi-monthly)

Executive Committee/Budget

The Committee has automatic membership from counties and Council officers. Budget Committee has the responsibility for the preparation of annual budget and all amendments thereof.

Clearinghouse Review Committee (CRC)

The Committee has the responsibility of overseeing staff reports, comments and recommendations for Developments of Regional Impacts, Intergovernmental Coordination Reviews and other review items. The Committee also provides review and input on economic development, emergency management, and transportation issues. (Meets 2nd Monday bi-monthly as needed)

Florida Regional Councils Association (FRCA)Policy Board

The Committee serves as TBRPC’s representative on the Board of the Florida Regional Councils Association. (Limited to one County, one City and one Gubernatorial member. Meets twice yearly)

Legislative Committee

The Committee researches and develops recommended legislative issues for Council consideration. Upon Council adoption, serves as lobbyist for Council. Because the workload of the Legislative Committee varies due to the Legislative Session, meetings are called on an as needed basis. Quorum for this committee is defined as 33% of its membership or 6 members which ever is less. (Meets as needed)

Regional Planning Advisory Committee (RPAC)

RPAC consists of Planning Directors and planners from jurisdictions and agencies throughout the region. The Committee convenes to provide technical assistance on regional planning issues. RPAC also serves as an intergovernmental coordination committee to share ideas on current planning topics. Council members are invited to participate. (Meets jointly with the One Bay Resilient Communities Working Group)

Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition (TBRRC) Steering Committee

The Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition was officially formed in October 2018 to regionally address sea level rise, climate change, and resiliency in Tampa Bay. Original membership is comprised of five counties and 23 municipalities.  The TBRRC Steering Committee is comprised of elected officials from throughout the Tampa Bay region who serve as the leadership board for this important initiative.  (Meets as needed on the 2nd Monday of the Month)

Nominating Committee

The TBRPC Nominating Committee is comprised of five board members who review candidates for the annual Slate of Officers. The Nominating Committee meets once annually and makes their recommendation for the Slate of Officers to the full Council for consideration at the November meeting.  The Installation of Officers follows in December of each year at the Annual Meeting.

Current Committee Assignments

  • Mayor Woody Brown, Chair
  • Mr. Jacob Cremer
  • Vice Mayor Jonathan Davis
  • Hoyt Hamilton
  • Ms. Angeleah Kinsler

The Executive/Budget Committee will serve as the Clearinghouse Review Committee on an as needed basis.

  • Commissioner Janet C. Long, Chair
  • Commissioner Ronald E. Kitchen, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Robin DiSabatino,  Secretary/Treasurer
  • Vice Mayor Patrick Roff, Past Chair
  • Mayor Woody Brown
  • Commissioner John Allocco
  • Commissioner Victor Crist
  • Commissioner Jack Mariano
  • Councilman Hoyt Hamilton
  • Ms. Angeleah Kinsler
  • Councilor Bob Matthews
  • Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd
  • Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd
  • Commissioner Robin DiSabatino
  • Mayor Scott Black


  • Commissioner Janet Long
  • Councilor Bob Matthews
  • Commissioner Scott Black, Chair
  • Council Member Bob Boss
  • Mayor Woody Brown
  • Mr. Jacob Cremer
  • Commissioner Carlos Diaz
  • Councilman Michael Fridovich
  • Council Member Hoyt Hamilton
  • Commissioner Janet Long
  • Mr. John Neal
  • Mr. Scott Sheridan
  • Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd
  • Commissioner Janet C. Long, Coalition Chair, Pinellas County
  • Commissioner Ronald E. Kitchen, Jr., TBRPC Chair, Citrus County
  • Commissioner John Allocco, Hernando County
  • Commissioner Mariella Smith, Hillsborough County
  • Commissioner Vanessa Baugh, Manatee County
  • Commissioner Jack Mariano, Pasco County
  • Council Member Michael Fridovich, City of Gulfport
  • Council Member Peter Altman, City of New Port Richey
  • Councilor Bob Matthews, TBRPC Secretary / Treasurer, City of Seminole
  • Council Member Brandi Gabbard, City of St. Petersburg
  • Council Member Ward Friszolowski, City of St. Pete Beach
  • Commissioner Heidi Horak, City of Treasure Island
  • Ms. Barbara Sheen Todd, Chair
  • Ms. Angeleah Kinsler
  • Commissioner Gail Neidinger
  • Vice Mayor Patrick Roff
  • Mayor Scott Black