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Resilient Ready is a regional technical assistance project that will enhance the capacity of Tampa Bay communities to assess, plan for, and adapt to flood impacts through the expanded use of multi-functional green infrastructure systems and resilient site design and construction practices. Two local governments will be selected to participate in the project and receive technical engineering analysis/design services at no cost. The Resilient Ready project is coordinated by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and made possible by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Resilient Florida Coastlines Program.


Staff Contacts

Sarah Vitale, AICP
Senior Planner / Urban Designer
(727) 570-5151 ext. 27

Alana Todd
Environmental Planner
(727) 570-5151 ext. 40


The Study Area Selection Application is available for local governments to apply with a specific flood area.

The application is due Friday, January 21, 2022, by 4:00 PM. Send completed applications to

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Eligible Study Areas

Eligible project study areas should align with FEMA’s examples of eligible Community Flood Mitigation projects; including, but not limited to, localized flood control, floodwater storage and diversion, floodplain and stream restoration, and stormwater management.

Potential projects that could develop as a result of the Resilient Ready Tampa Bay project can range in scope and scale, from large-green infrastructure to smaller-scale projects for neighborhoods or community redevelopment areas. The Resilient Ready Team will select one study area from each of the following categories:

Q&A Session

The Q&A Session was held over Zoom on January 7th for interested applicants. Contact Sarah Vitale for more information.

Project Milestones

From January through June 2022, a team of cross-disciplinary professionals, including planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and hydrologists will meet with municipal staff and stakeholders to create adaptive redesign strategies for vulnerable critical assets.

  •  Through the interactive design charrettes, local governments and the Resilient Ready Tampa Bay project team will develop implementation-ready, flood mitigation designs and cost-benefit information which can be used for State and Federal grants.

  • At the conclusion of the project in June, local government participants and the region will participate in a Symposium to review and discuss projects.

  • The application is due on Friday, January 21, 2022 by 4:00 PM.  Contact Sarah Vitale, AICP ( for more information.