Request for Proposals / Request for Quotes

Request: Consulting Services for Emergency Management Tabletop Exercises

RFP Documents (PDF): Request for Proposal tabletop exercises management

Request: Disaster Recovery Audio-Visual Production Services

RFP Documents (PDF): Request for Proposal audio-visual production services

Deadline: 4pm, August 26, 2019


  • The RFPs state the exercise conduct target of April 2020, with completion by October 1, 2020 or sooner.  Please clarify the exercise will be in April with final deliverables and project closeout prior to October 1, 2020.  Yes, the event should take place by April (May at latest), but there will be a report and other materials to produce as follow up.
  • The RFPs state a combined proposal may be submitted for the Tabletop Exercise and the Audiovisual Services. Each RFP calls for a 30-page limit exclusive of cover letter.  If proposals are combined, does the 30-page limit apply or are additional pages allowed if needed up to 60 pages?  We will allow 60 pages but it should not be necessary.
  • Is there a preferred format/order you want information presented for the proposal submission? Bound document. One hardcopy (stapled OK).  Graphics are optional.
  • How many private sector and government participants are anticipated for the exercise? Between 20-60.
  • The RFPs reference TBRPC staff may augment the project to assist with containing costs.  Would staff be available to serve as additional evaluators for exercise conduct? Yes.
  • Relating to cost, the RFPs state TBRPC wants a fixed fee, but to include general information related to cost structure in the form of wages, multipliers and other expenses. As wrap rates are typically considered to be proprietary, may proposers provide the cost as a fixed fee with a breakdown of labor, travel, and other direct costs? Yes, that will be acceptable.
  • In the AV RFP, it calls for an itemized list of charges for each service.  Please clarify the list of services. Do you want pricing for scope elements 1 and 2, or further breakdown of each element under 2? Alternatively, if TBRPC wants all listed services included, may proposers simply submit a fixed fee for all services with the breakdown described above (labor, travel, and other direct costs)? Aggregation to major tasks as line items with cost  is acceptable. Provide a breakdown of services that proposer feels is necessary to carry out the contract, with associated prices.
  • The RFP for Small Business Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise Facilitation in Scope of Service item #4 states “Facilitation may require the purchase of equipment which TBRPC may opt to purchase or rent. Any equipment or other rental costs must be specified are separate costs from the contract amount under this RFP”. Does TBRPC want the proposer to identify equipment needed for facilitation such as PowerPoint projector, projection screen, microphones, etc.? Please clarify this requirement. This requirement concerns special technological resources, for example, audience participation software and equipment, and/or other items unique to this project that a professional office would not ordinarily have (TBRPC does have a projector and the Microsoft Office suite, as well as microphones for our conference room).