Regional Information Center (RIC)

The Regional Information Cener (RIC) is a convenient resource to learn about the Tampa Bay region. The RIC includes a computer-catalogued library with a variety of books, periodicals, reports, and census data. A data service is available for individual, customized assistance.

The RIC collection includes all Development of Regional Impact applications and local government comprehensive plans for the Tampa Bay region; information on aging, environmental issues, the economy, disaster preparedness, housing, planning, public facilities and transportation; Federal Emergency Management Association floodplain maps, U.S. Geological Survey quad maps, and Geographic Information System (GIS) maps; financial institution reports required under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act; and census information maps.

The RIC is an affiliate of the Florida State Data Center serving the Tampa Bay Region. As an affiliate, the RIC receives census data products for the state. Census data are made available to the RIC’s clients and to the general public. These data describe how the nation, state and local areas are changing demographically, as well as the condition of housing, education, employment and income.

The RIC maintains the 1970, 1980 and 1990 census sets in hard copy. Prepared census data reports are available for the most requested categories of population, housing and income information, as well as customized census information from the CD-ROM unit such as census information related to poverty status, education, and social and economic characteristics in the region and in special populations.