Project Description

City of Largo Breaking Ground on Wastewater Resiliency Projects

The City of Largo Environmental Services Division is advancing resiliency for energy and disaster preparedness through the Clear Sky Tampa Bay partnership with TBRPC for the NREL-SEIN project.

  • The City of Largo broke ground on a 13,187-square-foot wastewater treatment operations building in November 2019. It will be the City’s first building rated to survive winds from a Category 5 hurricane, and will be elevated 23.5 feet above sea level to protect from storm surge.
  • The City of Largo is dedicated to the health of our community and is committed to renewing our natural environment to ensure a sustainable Largo for generations. Explore the “Our Future Largo Sustainability Map” below, which highlights energy charging stations and energy savings projects.
  • The City of Largo is creating a Tri-City Special Area Plan to effectively coordinate land use and development within the identified planning area; the intersection of two primary corridors (US Highway 19 and Roosevelt Boulevard/East Bay Drive).