GIS Mapping & Modeling

Staff Contact

Ashley Mott
GIS Manager
(727) 570-5151 ext. 20

Sarah Vitale, AICP
Senior Planner
(727) 570-5151 ext. 27


GIS Mapping & Modeling

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council provides mapping services for various projects concerning the region. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology allows TBRPC to to represent the locations of our regional assets on easy-to-read maps and tie location to various datasets, such as demographics, employment, and environmental information. Making the connection between location information and spatial data allows for extensive analysis of specific areas in the Tampa Bay region and beyond.

Decision Support GIS

TBRPC is developing technology that enhances many planning-related activities. The Decision Support Geographic Information System (DS-GIS) simulates the effects of a variety of different planning scenarios. The DS-GIS calculates outcomes to those scenarios and shows how they relate to the local and regional landscape of the future.

The DS-GIS suite includes separate modules that focus on land use, environmental, economic, fiscal, emergency management, and domestic security issues. Working within a GIS, each module clearly displays its forecasts on a map. Patterns and trends can easily be seen in the DS-GIS, because the maps show how the simulated model outcomes affect real places in the Tampa Bay area.

As DS-GIS development continues, the independent modules will integrate to show how land use, economic, environmental, and transportation issues relate to one another. The maps from these multi-aspect scenarios help guide the decision process as planners and policy makers manage the future growth of our region.

Tampa Bay Storm Surge Viewer

This web application shows how storm surge can affect where you live and other places of interest. You can locate where you are now (if you allow the app to get your location from your browser), or you can enter an address or place into the search bar at the top. The app will zoom in and you can also choose to toggle the background map to show all the streets. This web app or tool will only function in the Tampa Bay area.