Welcome to the State Disaster Housing Planning Initiative (SDHPI)

Disaster Housing is the cornerstone of recovery. Retaining a community following disasters is a challenge easily overwhelmed by housing stock in need of restoration and repair. Coping with disasters and enhancing the coping capacity of a community involves planning for and responding to pre- and post-disaster activities. Developing plans representing continuity of operations and flow is essential to better manage resources, personnel, comprehensive procedures, and provisions for alternate facilities, interoperable communications, and vital records/databases.

The National Housing Strategy sets the stage for states to establish baseline disaster housing capabilities to articulate requirements to evaluate and select options, and, if requesting Federal assistance, take responsibility for and manage the assistance when it is provided. All levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector must be prepared to support disaster housing operations.

In June 2010 the Florida Division of Emergency Management contracted with the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC) to finalize and vet the State Disaster Housing Plan and Field Manual, develop a consistent and more comprehensive county disaster housing plan template and prepare training materials for the host of federal, state and local partners involved in disaster housing operations. Working with the State of Florida, the Disaster Housing Task Force and consultants, Calvin Giordano and Associates, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council is synchronizing efforts to improve coordination and collaboration in disaster housing planning within the state.

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