Disaster Housing Issues

There are host of issues which should be addressed as part of the Disaster Housing planning at both the state and local levels including but not limited to the following:

Disaster Housing Operations

  1. Activating the Disaster Housing Team
  2. Maintaining Operational Readiness for the Disaster Housing Mission
  3. Disaster Housing Needs Assessment
  4. System, Process and Timeline for Assistance Delivery
  5. Client Management Systems
  6. Pets and Service Animals
  7. Temporary Roofing Program and Emergency Repairs program
  8. Post Disaster Housing Incident Action Plan
  9. Transitional Sheltering
  10. Necessary Regulatory Processes

Disaster Housing Strategies

  1. Hotel & Motel Placement / Vacancies
  2. Rental Property Vacancies
  3. Other Transient Housing Options
  4. Direct Housing on Individual Private Lot (Required Ordinances/Permitting Procedures)
  5. Existing Mobile Home Parks & Recreational Vehicle Sites
  6. Direct Housing on Business and Commercially-Owned Property
  7. Establish New Disaster Housing Group Sites / Identification of Criteria for Suitable Sites
  8. Planned Unit Developments
  9. Floating Disaster Housing Options
  10. Properties in Foreclosure
  11. Exit Strategy

Roles and Responsibilities for Jurisdictional Agencies and Organizations

Regulatory Obstacles to Disaster Housing

  1. Local Regulatory Environment / Post-Disaster Redevelopment Plan Ordinances
  2. Expedited Permitting Process
  3. Homeowner Association Regulations / Homeowner Responsibilities

White Papers and Discussion