Staff Directory

Sean Sullivan

Executive Director
Ext. 16

Wren Krahl

Deputy Executive Director
Administration & Public Information
State of Florida Records Management Liaison Officer / Agency Public Records Custodian
Ext. 22

Marshall Flynn

Information Systems/GIS Director
Ext. 11

Randy Deshazo

Director of Planning and Research
Economic Modeling and Analysis / EDA
Ext. 31


Gulf Research Program Science Policy Fellow
REACH / Resilience / Environmental Justice
Ext. 32

Brian Ellis

Disaster Recovery Coordinator
Business Continuity Planning
Ext. 10

John Meyer

DRI/LEPC/LGCP Coordinator
Intergovernmental Coordination
Ext. 29

Director of Resiliency and Engagement
Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition
Ext. 30

Environmental Planner
Clear Sky Tampa Bay / Agency on Bay Management / Bay Soundings
Ext. 40

Sarah Vitale

Senior Planner
Visioning / Mapping / Economic Analysis
Ext. 27

Economic Development Planner
Economic Modeling and Analysis / REMI PI+
Ext. 33

Cara Serra

Comprehensive Resiliency Planner
Hazard Mitigation / Disaster Preparedness
Ext. 28


Sue Geer

Ext. 26