Project Phoenix 2.0: The Recovery

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What if a category 5 hurricane struck the Tampa Bay region?

How would the events unfold, and what would the region look like in the aftermath of the storm?

In 2009, TBRPC developed the Tampa Bay Catastrophic Plan: Project Phoenix, a plan to address the challenges of response and recovery during a catastrophic event in the Tampa Bay area. Hurricane Phoenix, a fictitious storm, was created to simulate the effects of a worst‐case scenario in our region; a direct strike from a category 5 hurricane. A 10-minute video portrays the scenario using realistic weather reports and archived video footage.

Project Phoenix 2.0: The Recovery

In 2020, the TBRPC will create an updated version of the original Project Phoenix video and will conduct a tabletop exercise to improve communications between emergency managers and small businesses before, during and after a major storm event. June is the target month for the tabletop exercise, with after action educational materials and the new Project Phoenix video to be distributed throughout hurricane season.

About 40 percent of small businesses that close during an emergency never reopen, and more businesses eventually fail. The tabletop exercise will be a half day event bringing over 100 participants in emergency management and small business community members together to work through a simulation of what happens when a major hurricane strikes the Tampa Bay area, and what happens after the storm passes and reconstruction begins. Participants will work through a series of problems focused on the overlapping issues faced by both small business and emergency managers.

Project Phoenix 2.0 will combine professional services in audiovisual production, meteorological forecasting, and storm damage assessment and modeling to support the work of a steering committee of emergency management professionals.

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