Pilot Area Broadband Plans

Click on the links below to open community-based broadband plans that have been developed by the Florida Local/Regional Broadband Planning Project for pilot planning areas.

Local/Regional Broadband Planning Toolbox and Training Manual

Resources to help with the development of a community-based broadband plan

Community Organization Tools include documents and database templates that aid in the process of engaging key stakeholders, decision makers, and the general public for participation in the broadband planning process.  Tools and resources are provided to help set up, advertise, and facilitate the broadband planning committee meetings and public workshops.  Samples and templates for developing community outreach materials are also included.

Broadband Demand Planning Tools include database templates, methodologies, data gathering needs and modeling techniques for determining an areas existing and future broadband demand.  Knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) and access to GIS software is necessary in order to use many of these tools and adapt them to your local needs.

Website Development Tools provides the user with a template for providing public outreach through a broadband planning project website that can be modified to fit the needs of each individual community's or region's broadband planning project.

The Local/Regional Broadband Planning Training Manual contains detailed information on how to work through the broadband planning process and how to use the broadband planning resources contained in the Local/Regional Broadband Planning Toolbox.